StatementOut attended the Waste Haulers Summit 2017 in Austin TX, participating in two days of interactive roundtables, presentations, and social events with 50 senior waste management executives from all over the country.  The experience enabled us to learn first-hand about the billing and payment challenges common throughout the industry.

The majority of the companies present were Independents using WAM, Tower, SoftPak, or DesertMicro for accounting and/or route management.  StatementOut uses the data exported from these programs to presort, print, and mail documents at the lowest possible postage rates, eliminating the need for costly and often unreliable in-house mailing equipment.

We provide, free of charge, an administrator portal that allows clients to view and approve documents, before they are printed.  We then maintain an easy-to-use electronic archival of all documents for two years.  This is a great way for your office staff to quickly find any documents that were mailed to any of your clients.

A topic that came up often was the lack of disaster recovery for those companies who did their own printing and mailing.  In light of the recent flooding in Florida and Texas, and the wild fires in Northern California, it makes sense to have a back-up plan, the best being some form of co-production in another region of the country.

StatementOut can print to three different production facilities from the same database housed on our servers which are located in a super-secure Rackspace facility in Elk Grove, IL.  Even if you want to keep your mailing in-house, a little insurance can keep your billing cycle on-time when a problem arises.

Our waste management clients also benefit by having one vendor who can integrate paper mail with electronic billing and guarantee them the lowest utility interchange rates for credit card payments.

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