Why Go Paperless?

The invoice and statement processing industry has left a trail of paper in its wake for many years.  Once considered simply a cost of doing business, this paper trail is no longer an unavoidable by-product of our work.  StatementOut, with its intuitive, access-controlled, online payment management system is making it easier than ever for its outsourced clients to integrate paperless options and reap a range of economic and environmental benefits.  What are these benefits and how can they impact YOUR business?

  • Reduced CostsSave on printing, mailing and manpower costs, and pass these savings on to your clients. Online statement processing can be done at a fraction of the cost of the traditional print and mail only systems of the past.
  • Quicker TurnaroundAs a business owner, you rely on expedient payment for your services.  Online payment management takes the extra steps out of the equation, allowing for immediate payment processing. In this click-and-go world, people are accustomed to, and reliant upon, the expediency that technology allows.   Electronic payments are made on average 8 days faster according to Forbes , than payments using more traditional paper-based methods.  When every day and every dollar counts, such expediency can give you the edge you need.
  • Happy ClientsStatementOut’s online statement processing system provides you the ability to give your clients 24/7/365 access to their account information.  We live in a world where business does not stop when the office doors close.  By providing your clients the flexibility to access their information and manage their accounts whenever it is convenient for them, you demonstrate that you care about their needs.
  • Greener WorldOf course, less paper means less environmental impact, which is good for everyone.  PayitGreen.Org explains that in one year of switching from paper to electronic billing payment, the average American household could save an average of 6 pounds of paper and 23 pounds of wood, and prevent the production of 29 pounds of greenhouse gases.  Integrating paperless options for your clients will have a profound effect on the environment – benefits far beyond those to the bottom line.  Visit PayitGreen.Org to calculate the reduction of your environmental footprint when switching to electronic billing, statements and payments.

StatementOut puts the vast benefits of paperless receivables management at your fingertips – and allows you to share those benefits with your clients.  Extensive though the benefits may be, a wholly paperless system does not work for everyone. By integrating paperless options with our traditional paper delivery systems, we also give you the added benefit of CHOICE, providing you with the ability to customize a system that meets all your statement outsourcing needs.