Often times the thing we start out to do, is not the thing we end up doing at all. Deena Ryan and her husband, Mike, are certainly an example of that. Once living the life of a military family, they were stationed in Clearwater, Florida when they found out they were expecting quadruplets. It was in that moment they realized they were on a new trajectory. In an effort to be closer to family (Mike’s in Boston), have access to a stable support network, and gain flexibility to be with their children, they decided to start their own business.

Business Inspiration

Deena Ryan at StatementOutDR: With four little ones, we were motivated to start a home-based business. Mike was definitely the one with the entrepreneurial spirit, and I remained more focused on administration and accounting.

We did lots of research and began Flying Mail Company, a direct mail company, in our basement. We did everything by hand. There were lots of long nights. To keep our business viable, we moved out of the basement office and in with another company. It was a risk that worked, since we eventually bought the other company out. That’s what became Statement Outsourcing. We then grew out of that space and I encouraged our move to New Hampshire, where we had an opportunity to co-locate with one of Mike’s friends from college who owned a print shop, Polaris.

Deena’s Role

DR: I’ve done all the jobs, from the production floor on up. As our children grew older, I found myself more involved with the company in two ways. I’m the CFO – the bookkeeper, monitoring payables and receivables. I also guide the overall strategic vision.

There were hard days along this path. Our ability to overcome worry, as well as grow, learn, and survive from our mistakes, helped us to be flexible and adjust to changes in the industry landscape, especially with respect to digital delivery and security. It’s important to us that our company continuously maintains its value to customers.

Unique Services StatementOut Offers

DR: We do the tedious stuff for large companies. We do the jobs that don’t justify hiring a full-time person to do, but are still essential. We also offer a lot of variety in terms of industry and method of delivery. Since we’re a small business, we have great customer service. We’re a small business filling a specialized need for a large business. We feel very connected to our customers’ results – it’s very satisfying to see their growth.

Next for StatementOut

DR: I admire the adaptability and evolutions we see in large businesses, like Apple. I want to see more growth in the company, and I’m excited about recent enhancements. We’ve hired more people, and have added two new color printers, which will open up a whole new set of offerings and services.

StatementOut’s Culture

DR: We are customer service-oriented. What we’re doing for customers is helping them to grow. As customers evolve, we evolve. It’s a symbiotic relationship. We don’t like mistakes and pride ourselves in 100% document integrity. If there is a mistake, we make it right. We have not yet lost a customer due to a problem, and get more business when other companies fail. Our employees know that we count on them.

Family Inspiration

DR: The business was inspired by the sudden need to provide for multiple children, but the business has, in turn, been an inspiration to us and our children. The whole process — having children and being entrepreneurs — has taught us to be resilient. It’s made us who we are, and now a model for our kids.

The business is with the Ryans all the time. However, when Deena does get time for other pursuits, she enjoys photography and piecing together genealogy for both her and Mike’s families. She knew nothing about golf, but like in business, studied it and now plays regularly with a Ladies’ Golf League.