Our web-portal contains a powerful dashboard for all your mailings. It includes

A table of all submitted files which lists:

  • Original File Name
  • Received Date
  • Number of Documents
  • Current Approval Status

See whether documents are:

  • Pending
  • Complete
  • Awaiting Approval

Open reports:

  • Quickly for viewing, or
  • Downloaded as a .CSV file visible as an Excel spreadsheet

Get an “Itemized Submission Report” with a summary of:

  • Documents
  • Postage
  • Printed Images
  • Sheets of Paper Used

Determine whether a document is marked as:

  • Print Mailing, or
  • Non-mailing (users were sent links to e-statements)
    • Text
    • Email
    • Voice Recording

Data on all delivery methods are also available for viewing on the dashboard.

A complete summary of the mailing event is available, which includes:

  • Account #
  • Account Name
  • Phone Number
  • Message
  • Status
  • Message Data Response
  • Error Message

A Merchant Account allows administrators to make payments for end users.

  • Great option if credit card payments need to be taken over the phone, or
  • If you desire to set up convenience fees

At least one primary administrator will have control over all others.

  • Each sub-administrator has a profile, and it is easy to change their status or user type

View our 2 minute demonstration video on YouTube and you’ll see how easy the web-portal is to use.